Purifying And Maintaining Fresh Air In Your Home

Fresh Healthy Air 7It’s time to stop ignoring the polluted air we breathe, both for ourselves and most importantly for our children. Anyone who has read any of the articles I have written in my short writing career will know that when I present a problem, I back it up with a logical solution.

The pollution in our air is probably the most dangerous aspect presented to us in our daily lives today. We have all heard the warnings that our indoor air is at least 5/6 times more polluted than the outside air (EPA studies have proven this). The chemicals that are being emitted off your carpet, laminates, hardwood flooring. Not to mention the cleaning agents we use and the particulates that are floating in our air is mainly dead skin, dust, dust mites and their feces.

It is these particulates you see that can be causing you or your family symptoms of numerous air borne maladies for which you maybe baffled to their cause. Various unhealthy symptoms include: runny nose, coughing, sinus congestion, sleeping problems, headaches and even some skin irritations such as rashes.

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What You Should Do To Have Fresh Air In Your House

As boring as they may be, there’s a overwhelming choice of top quality home Air Vents on the market to choose from which can blend in with the theme and décor of your rooms(s). Air return vents are often one of the most neglected part of home decoration, but they really don’t have to be. Air return vents are known to be unsightly, even disgusting looking things clogged with years of accumulated dust, mold, and mildew all clinging to the ventilation slats. The problem is that few folks are really interested or bothered in getting their ventilation heating and cooling system, including the air return vents, cleaned on a regular basis.

It is important to maintain air return vents though, because if too little outdoor air enters a home, pollutants can sometimes accumulate to levels that can pose health and comfort problems indoors. It’s also essential to allow fresh air into airtight homes and buildings without wasting energy as this cures the “sick building syndrome” and limits structural damage due to moisture.

There are also ventilation fans which are used to extract moist air or steam out of the room, and these can be found chiefly in kitchens and bathrooms. Whatever, type of ventilation it is, the standard airing or freshening devices that comes with a new house are pretty bog basic to say the least.

But, have them we must, even if the air return vents are usually rather drab, ugly, metal things, covered with unsightly bars, one can’t help but understand why they aren’t really paid much attention too. But in reality, as mentioned above, there are a variety of options to spruce up the air return vents in your home.

Of course, the easiest solution is simply to get your old air return vents painted with a new lick of paint. You have to be careful when you do this, as if it is not correctly done, you can bung up the air return system with paint, but in reality, there really isn’t much too it. Most air return vents are in a position where they can be easily unscrewed, either with a standard screwdriver, or with a socket set. If they are in a hard to reach place, air return vents still can be almost always accessed with a ladder. Then it is simply a matter of taking down the air return vent, painting it, making sure to get rid of the excess paint so as not to obstruct airflow, and returning it to its proper place.

Of course, there are also the fashion options for air return vents. They come in various wood, metal, and a whole variety of other designs, sometimes with fancy bas relief or other types of decorations embossed on their surfaces. You can even have one custom designed and built, as they are really just a rectangular frame with slats to keep things from falling in.

If you’re a bit of a Handy Andy yourself, you might want to consider making new air return vents as a craft project. It’s the little things that please the better half! They can be made to match your furniture, artwork, floors, and the layout of your house quite perfectly, and it can really ad a flavor to your room to have everything including the air return vents match flawlessly.

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How To Get Fresh Air in Your House

There are many benefits of UPVC window locks that most homeowners don’t yet know about. In this article we will examine many of these factors, including how the UPVC window locks have the ability to prevent mold from spreading into your property by offering good ventilation. Also, outlining what features the locks have to maintain a secure and safe property, yet still allowing for air to flow through it.

UPVC double glazed windows are now essential for maintaining a warm and cosy house, yet still remaining cost effective. Wooden windows have now became extremely outdated not only due to the them causing heating bills to be astronomically high as such windows are usually only single glazed, their frames also are unable to withstand poor weather conditions making them susceptible to rot, meaning maintenance of the windows can be extremely high in comparison to the new UPVC models. As many houses upgrade to UPVC windows in order to keep their property more environmentally friendly, as less heat is able to escape, less energy is therefore used to heat the property, keeping heating bills low. New UPVC windows are also able to withstand the worst of weather conditions, with little to no maintenance required. Not only do the owners need to choose what windows they want for their property but they also need to make the judgement on what locks to buy for the windows, in order to keep their home safe. But what other benefits do these new UPVC window locks bring?Fresh Healthy Air 5

Not only can this new breed of UPVC window locks be opened freely with a key, but also able to be locked onto different opening settings, to allow for different amounts of air flow into the house. Not letting air to flow through the property can have many negative effects to the property itself. Wooden windows do not typically allow for the through flow of air through the property and therefore are likely to cause condensation to be build up, which will then go on to produce mold, which is not only dangerous for the health of the occupants but also extremely unsightly. Keeping an adequate through flow of air using UPVC window locks will allow for the water vapor to escape the property, the excess water vapor will then be free to escape, instead of being built up into dangerous molds, which can negatively affect health.

Key for many people looking at buying new windows is their security, as many homeowners fear a break in. This makes the need for home security devices to be also on a fast growing rise. Due to UPVC window locks being extremely strong, they can be left on settings which open them a crack while being locked without the fear of a break in. This will benefit the users especially in the warmer seasons as the windows can to be left slightly ajar, keeping the house extremely secure, and still allowing for a cool through flow of air into the building. This feature will be especially useful for downstairs windows for through flow without jeopardizing the safety of the property.

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